Percussion Fundamentals for Every Level

This hands-on percussion pedagogy course for music educators of all areas and backgrounds will focus on the following concepts:

This course is designed to help educators become more knowledgeable about how to efficiently and effectively communicate to percussion students in the current classroom environment the proper language to guide students towards a higher level of musical expression. The primary focus will be but is not limited to,  snare drum, keyboard, timpani, drum set, and accessory percussion. Within those areas of focus, we will break down the importance of coordination, proper mechanics, scaffolding skills in the area of percussion, and the basic physics of percussion performance.

Dates & Times

June 18-21 – Tuesday thru Friday*

Tuesday, June 18th:

  •  8-9 am Check-In
  • 9 am-1 pm course

Wednesday through Thursday (June 19th through June 20th):

  •  9 am-1 pm course
*Breaks will be taken at the discretion of the class and students

Information about the Camp

Event Dates: Tuesday, June 18th to Friday, June 21st
Event Address: Eagle High School 574 N Park Ln, Eagle, ID 83616
Course Instructor: TJ Eriksen
Course Assistant Instructor: Rob Sullens
Deadline for sign-up: June 10th at 11:59 p.m.


  • Attend and participate in the entirety of all course sessions
  • Demonstrate skills, self-evaluate, and receive constructive feedback from instructor and peers
  • Submit any requested assignments for the class
  • Bring: Snare drum sticks, marimba mallets (2 pair), timpani mallets

Important Concepts:

  • Various grips, posture, and appropriate equipment setup
  • Snare Drum, Keyboard, Timpani, Drum Set, Accessory Percussion Fundamentals
  • Getting the sound you want from your percussion section
  • Incorporating your percussion section into the everyday band rehearsal
  • Student assessment and error recognition
  • Appropriate feedback and error correction
  • Equipment repair and tuning
  • Part assignments
  • Organization
  • Technology usage

Items included in the course fee:

  • $100 Fee for course instruction
  • NNU Accreditation process – $60 Fee for course accreditation to be paid through Northwest Narureen University (NNU)
  • Percussion Pedagogy Packet and other materials

Course Registration